Amy Winehouse

Because talent doesn’t get enough showcase in an age of Britney Spears and Disney celebrities.

Just last night I was going through my CDs and I discovered my Amy Winehouse-Back to Black album. It’s one of two albums I bought in the last two years. I listened to it and remembered why I bought it–Amy Winehouse is talented. In an age where Britney Spears’ career is driven by hype, Amy Winehouse represents a career driven by talent.

Unfortunately, Amy has drugs and alcohol abuse issues that she has yet to overcome. Recently, she appears to be getting her act together. It’s good, but I won’t cross my fingers or hold my breath. I hate to think it, but she may very well be my generation’s Janice Joplin, talented but troubled, and she may become like MJ sang,”Gone too soon.” I hope not, but Amy’s talent is what this thread is about. I need to hear new music from Amy. In the meantime, listen to Amy sing Back to Black, the title track from her major debut album.


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