When Young Girls Lack Ambition

Why the society we live in continue to make excuses for teenage mothers is a question I cannot answer. Society insists that teen pregnancies are mistakes and they should be forgiven. It provides shelters and safety nets in the form of welfare. It’s doesn’t encourage these girls to take responsibility for their careless actions. These girls knew exactly what they were doing when they laid down and spread their legs, inviting some boy or man to enter and if they didn’t know what they were doing, they shouldn’t have been doing it. I am firm advocate of “trial by fire.” I don’t believe society should nurture or protect these young women, certainly not with my tax money.

The sad part is when the society and the parents allow these young women to feel and think that they’re not doing anything wrong–they are. Getting pregnant when in your teens and without a formal education suggest that these girls lack ambition or drive. Never mind that they lack intelligence and a strong sense of responsibility.
Most of these girls come from low-income, poor families who struggle to afford basic means of living, and if they can’t look around their environment and recognize that getting pregnant will only further complicate their situations, then they are dumb.

The excuse that their environment is to blame is foolish. I come from a low-income neighborhood. And yet I never started having sex in my teens, muchless get pregnant. No, not everyone can apply basic common sense like I did. The only social factor that should be blamed for teen pregnancy is society’s growing tolerance and complacency of vulgar sexuality and pregnant teens. We live in an increasingly sexualized society where sex is dismissed as fun and the consequences of it are ignored or dismissed. Many of these young women are indoctrinated into a culture that tells them to be very sexually promiscuous because sexual promiscuity has become synonymous with female empowerment.

The problem is that it’s not true. Many of these girls do not get the real meaning of female empowerment and many of them have low self-esteem. To them, female empowerment is not only synonymous with promiscuity but also ‘behaving like men,’ which they believe is the same as equality with men. It is not equality. The low self-esteem of these girls manifests in a desire to be validated by men, and many of these girls sell themselves short by engaging in sex (oral and anal, too) at earlier ages, because they believe it’s necessary to keep a boyfriend. Their entire existence is defined by having a boyfriend, whom they’ll do everything to keep. The bottomline is that there are a bunch of sexually ignorant young girls performing fellatio and engaging in intercourse for all the wrong reasons who have no clue what they’re doing. The result is that STDs are contracted frequently and teen pregnancy is more frequent and in the open. Added to the fact are careless parents (those who allow their teenagers to date and have boyfriends and allow the boyfriends to sleep over) and a society that doesn’t mind playing the role of a cushion or sucker to these young women. Either way, it’s terrible.

The best way to deal with teen pregnancy is to return “shame” as the ultimate punishment. Gone are the days when a pregnant teen would be shunned by society and forced to go into hiding. These days they walk around in high schools with the “decent” kids, if there are any of those left. Movies like Juno (2007) have made teen pregnancy alright. The title character walks around feeling fairly proud of herself, never once feeling shamed or that she was doing something wrong.

I say that shame be brought back and society stops nurturing and tolerating these teens. Only then will things like this stop happening. Here’s an incident of a high school in Chicago where 115 girls of 800 are pregnant and the school nurtures them by having a daycare in the school.

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