The Holidays

Christmas is over for yet another year. It just doesn’t have the same excitement it used to have when I was a child. For some reason, this Christmas seemed bittersweet.

I can’t blame it on the commercialization or the recession, really. Something is amiss. It’s the only holiday when people pretend to be happy, for the sake of being in the spirit of the holidays. I always knew there was something pretentious about Christmas, and yet I never cared.

Maybe that’s the transformative power of Christmas. To quote John Mayer: “something in the way blue lights on a black night can make you feel warm.” The decorative spectacle that is Christmas boost your spirits by stinging the heart inside of you. Whether you believe in Jesus or care about family, it’s hard to to shun it all.

Unless you’re the Scrooge or the Grinch, it’s hard to ignore the pretty lights, the food and the Christmas carols. It’s hard to not feel like you should give to charity or be happy. It’s that one time a year when we want to be happy, whether we have reasons to be or not.

Anyway, next year. Maybe then the emotions of joy and care will become legitimate.


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