Mixed Race People Part II: Filipinos and Asians

According to recent genetic studies sponsored by the Stanford University, about 3.6% of all Filipinos are partly of Caucasian descent. Among this 3.6%, it is not stated whether they are of Spanish or other Caucasian descent (though it is more likely to be Spanish, American, or British). It is also not stated what percentage of Caucasian blood those 3.6% have.

In the same twist of fate, some parts of Indonesia also has a higher rates of European genes- in Borneo, the percentage of people with European genes is 2.0% – it rises to 7.6% in Manado, where a lot of Dutch intermarried with the local settlers.

In phenotypes, Filipino Mestizos (or Filipino Eurasians) tend to look darker as compared with other SOutheast Asian EUrasians (like Thai Eurasians), because the Europeans who went to the Philippines were Spanish from Andalucia and Extremadura, who weren’t actually completely European – those ‘Spaniards’ had European blood mixed with African, Arab, and Berber blood, which make them look darker relative to other Europeans, have dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair. As such, Filipino Eurasians tend to look quite Mexican or Hispanic.

However, the number of Filipino Eurasians whose European roots are Nordic are increasing. In Angeles, Olongapo, Manila, as well as in Boracay, where new batch of European immigrants are making inroads to Philippine society – the progenies usually bear striking resemblance to other Southeast Asian Eurasians. This is due to their oigins being mostly half-British, American, Dutch, German, Swedish, or Belgian.


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