Baby By Baby: Pedophilia

I don’t like shocking headlines, but today I keep running into one after the other. Sadly, I have run into three similar headlines in a row that have riled me up.

Since the case of Lina Medina, a Peruvian girl who gave birth, allegedly at 5 years old (her father was arrested but released for lack of evidence. This was in the 1930s), the rise in kids being impregnated by older men have risen.

Recently, a 9-year-old girl in China gave birth to a baby, becoming the youngest ever to do so, breaking the record set by a [seemingly proud] Bulgarian girl Kordeza Zhelyazkova who gave birth at 11, and whose partner is 19.

Now, there is the case of another 11-year-old girl who reportedly gave birth to a child on December 12, 2009. A DNA test has shown the father of her child to be her 27-yr-old stepfather.

Another case popped up in B.C., Canada, in which a 27-yr-old man was convicted for having sex with a 12-yr-old girl. His argument was that he thought she was 16 not 12. I understand that 16 is the age of consent, but it still doesn’t make it alright for an adult to have sexual relations with someone that young–16 or 12.

Sure, many people argue that it was like this in the past before the rise of “civilized’ society with its mores and rules. But, many of these people have little respect for childhood and innocence. They’ve been raised to be insensitive or indifferent to matters of sexual transgressions. These people barely cringe each time they hear of cultures in the east that marry prepubescent or barely pubescent girls to adult men.

More and more it appears generations X and Y, those people raised by parents of the chaotic 1960s and 1970s don’t care for the preservation of childhood innocence, likely because their childhood was marred by broken families and chaos. Coupled with the sexualization of children in society and we have a formula for a disturbing trend. Pedophilia and hebephilia are becoming growing phenomena, and the Internet is contributing to its growth.

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