LOST: The Beginning of the End

So Lost kicked off last night. It was the 2-hr premiere after a nine month hiatus.

I was excited. I was excited to see old cast members return (Ian Somerhalder) and I was excited to see what would happen after Juliette detonated the hydrogen bomb.

Did Lost disappoint?

Well, it did the Lost thing: create more questions than answers.

In the opening episode, which starts off with Jack Shepherd on Oceanic flight 815, we are greeted with a ‘what might have been’ scenario. It’s clear the writers intend to show us two alternative storylines: the first showing what would’ve happened had the plane not crashed and they had carried on to their respective destinations and the second storyline, a continuation of life on the island after the explosion of the hydrogen bomb.

It’s clear that the lives of the characters were meant to intersect in both timelines. What is uncertain is whether the mysterious god-like being called Jacob has anything to do with it.

Since this is Lost, there are more interesting questions that need answers. Who is Jacob? Is he some sort of angel? Is he Aaron from the future? If so, then is Claire a chronologically misplaced person or are they all chronologically misplaced people? What about the man in black, affectionately called Esau? Is he a fallen angel, too? Is he the devil? Is he the smoke monster who is imitating John Locke?

The battle between Jacob and Esau has drawn parallels between Seth and Azar (Osiris) and Yahweh and Satan, but it’s interesting to note that Jacob and Esau are biblical brothers. In the biblical story, Esau is the firstborn son of Isaac and Jacob is his twin. Jacob stole Esau’s birthright by imitating him before his blind father. Jacob later goes on to found the tribe of Israel, the chosen people.

This biblical insight fits into the theory that the survivors were children of an experiment, likely coming from different timelines or parallel worlds. In season 5, Jacob was seen ‘gathering’ or ‘touching’ the lost sheep or chosen people who would become the survivors on the island. He did this after debating the nature of humans with Esau on a beach before a statue of the Egyptian god Sobek, the crocodile god who was a creator god but also a symbol of fertility and an un-doer of evil; he conveniently holds the ankh, the symbol of life and death in Egypt.

Perhaps they really are children of an experiment being conducted by fallen angels or god and the devil?


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