The Winter Olympics 2010

The Olympics are on–the 2010 Winter Olympics, from Vancouver (Canada). I don’t know what it is about the Olympics that get people excited. It maybe sheer hype or the feeling of racial and/or cultural unity. Or the feeling that you are witnessing something bigger than your person. Or, that you’re part of tradition/history (since these games go back to ancient Greece). Maybe it’s all the above.

Whatever it is, I generally get as excited as a school girl over it. Even in the face of tragedy (the Georgian Luger who died during practice on the first day) or the protesters who claim to be protesting for the sake of Native rights (they claim the Olympic is being held on stolen land) or homelessness (they claim the money spent on the Olympics should’ve been spent on providing homes and shelters for the homeless in Vancouver, who are mainly First Nations peoples).

The second point is well-taken, but the first is tricky and not worth arguing; and still yet, the issues are overshadowed by the so-called anarchists whose only aim is to disrupt and cause chaos.

Anyway, I am not s sports person, outside of Tennis, which I don’t play. I like to watch figure skating, but can’t say I understand the scoring system, since many of the skaters who fell got high scores nonetheless. Speaking of skating, I do cringe when people fall, and on occasion, laugh.

Last night, the Chinese dominated the couples competition, winning gold and silver, while the Germans came in third with a bronze. I have to admit, I was rooting for the French skaters–both of whom were black (of African descent). They came in 14th, which sucks, but they made history just by being two blacks skating together. There have been black skaters before, but never a black skating couple. I hope they’ll inspire more blacks to become skaters. It’d be a marvel to see in the future.

Tonight, I’ll be watching the rest of the skating competition, wishing that I had skating talent, too. Maybe I’ll watch the hockey match. Maybe.


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