Lost: What We’ve Learned So Far

is airing tonight. It’s seven episodes to the finale and still I can’t figure out what’s going on. Judging by the noise being made over the message boards, neither can anyone else.

What I know is that John Locke is the man in black, who was built as the evil being/entity, but now maybe good.

Jacob, the supposed good being, may be bad after all; and Richard, a Spaniard from the mid-19th century, is truly old.

The dominant theory remains ‘purgatory.’ The characters all died in the plane crash and the island is some sort of in-between waiting place. It may also be a study in humanity, since the MIB and the Jacob insist on recruiting the survivors to take over caring for the island, whatever this means.

Is there a good versus evil battle going on? All I know is that I’d hate to have this end as a big dream, or some battle being waged between the Biblical god (Yahweh) and Satan, which so far, sadly appears to be the case.

I keep waiting for the parallel storylines to merge, but I won’t hold my breath. The writers already warned that the show will not answer all the mysteries, in the forms of numbers, symbols and strange creatures, that have been tossed our way, which has led me to believe that they may have been intentionally taking us in circles for the last six years, for the sole purpose of keeping us hooked.

Will it all amount to nothing in the end?

Still watching to find out.

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