My Star Trek Appreciation Thread

Well, after seeing Star Trek (2009), I am officially hooked on the Star Trek franchise–all of it.

I had seen handful of episodes before, but never the full series, except for Enterprise which was canceled in 2005 after four seasons. Now, I have seen all the movies and all the TOS episodes and many of the episodes of the follow-up series (TNG, VOY, DS9).

I am hooked. I wouldn’t call myself a Trekkie[er] but I am hooked shipper. I love TOS, but wished they’d have done more with the secondary characters of Lt. Uhura, Mr. Sulu, etc.

And, of course, I am in love with the alien-human hybrid Mr. Spock. I prefer his older incarnation (Leonard Nimoy) whose reserved and unemotive persona oozes sex appeal from inside his stalwart body and classically handsome face.

He’s Mr. Darcy without the arrogance. He’s intellectual and poised and carries himself with such grace, it drives you mad. Like Lt. Uhura sings: “his alien love could victimize and rip your heart from you.”


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