White People

The top three questions/complaints/rants white people demand blacks give them answers to. I have gathered these from around the blogosphere/Internet and real life.

Every black person who has ever been secluded in a small space with white people has experienced this phenomenon. Whites just itching to engage them in verbal battle about perceived black thingsthat irk them the wrong way.

White people demanding that:
1) they answer for Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan.
2) they explain why they (blacks) can say the n-word but whites can’t.
3) or whites insisting that blacks are more racist than whites.

So, I will try to answer/address these complaints.

Firstly, not all black people know who Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or Louis Farrakhan are. Furthermore, not all blacks care about these people and not all blacks agree with everything they say. Asking a black person to answer for Al Sharpton is like asking a white person to answer for Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck or the Teabaggers.

Secondly, why can blacks use the n-word and whites can’t (often it’s assumed that all blacks use the n-word)? Perhaps you should study American history and the history of the word and its usage. Moreover, we don’t live in an ideal world and all things are subjective, including the use of the n-word.

Thirdly, as for the statement that blacks are more racist than whites. That would be an insult if it wasn’t so funny. You see, racism is prejudice + power. Sure, all people can say and do racially insensitive things. I have heard blacks say ignorant and *racist* things all the time. But, blacks have never carried out mass genocide, slavery based on the belief than they were racially superior to another group. Blacks don’t control the systems/institutions that have intentionally shut people for centuries based solely on the color of their skin.

Furthermore, I often notice that some whites don’t understand what racism is. Many of them think racism can simply be reduced to the belief than one (whites) is better than/superior to another (blacks). Furthermore, many people naively believe that discussing race-issues makes someone a racist. Hence, the attack on Michelle Obama over her college thesis paper in which she documented the racism and alienation she faced on campus.


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