LOST: The Candidate

Three more episodes to go. Three more before the madness is clarified. I hope. If tonight’s episode is any indication of what’s to come, we’re in for some really big ‘WTF’ moments.

Spoiler–Sun and Jin are gone. Caught in an accident gone wrong–the submarine meant to bring them home sank and Sun got trapped. Jin stayed with his wife.

So, main cast members are dying now.

Anyway, apparently, the biblical theme of good versus evil is here to stay. Is the MIB really bad or is Jacob? The sides/teams are chosen. I just hope the final showdown doesn’t disappoint.

My theory: if it’s not purgatory then it’s parallel universes. But, how does Libby remember being on the island? And what about Desmond? Did Libby–the one from the plane crash universe–cross over or gain Alt.U Libby’s consciousness?

JJ Abrams loves parallel/alternate universes–Star Trek (2009)and Fringe are proof of this.

Anyway, Sun and Jin are gone and there are three episodes left.


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