Lost: The End

So, the final episode of TV’s longest plane crash saga aired last night. And even though it’s over, I am still stuck in wtf mode.

So wtf happened and did it disappoint, but more importantly did all the loose-ends get tied up?

What happened was anticlimactic. I mean, with the exception of finding out that Jack Shepherd’s son is also Juliet’s, there weren’t many moments that made me go: “wtf!”

SPOILER: The end, and it’s still being debated whether or not it was purgatory, reveals that everyone is dead. “Everyone dies at some point,” was what Christian Shepherd told his son in the end when it was finally realized (of course Christian Shepherd has been dead since before the plane crashed).

So, I had to ask myself (and other fans who’ve been watching for six years), does this mean they were all dead in the beginning when the plane crashed. And, as one fan stated: “was Lost a six-year long Sixth Sense?

The simple answer is yes, but the correct answer appears to be no. It seems the events of island were real–as in they really happened. There was a mysterious island with a smoke monster, polar bear, Dharma Initiative and the Others. They did crash land on the island…alive.

And Jacob and MIB–what were they? Well, since the creators of Lost couldn’t help but include the religious theme, it seemed they were good and bad personified or imagined. As Jimmy Kimmel stated in the post-show, perhaps the island or the series was Jack Shepherd’s test, and the MIB and Jacob were the obstacles left in his (their) path to challenge the good or bad in him (them). This made sense since they were all broken people, some dying, some murderers, some emotionally tormented, some lost.

As for the many other mysteries of the island–the Egyptian statue and the island’s ability to grant immortality (to Jacob, MIB and Richard), well none of that was really explained. In the end, the characters were all that mattered, which has left many fans peeved. For what it’s worth, I am satisfied with the ending.


If the events of the island were real, what does that say about the sideways?
Well, it wasn’t real. Apparently, it was some lush pre-afterlife imagined by each of the characters to help them reconnect with each other, after their traumatic experience in the plane crash. It seemed they wanted to travel to the other side together. So Jack’s son didn’t exist and neither was his marriage to Juliet which supposedly produced that son. Sawyer wasn’t a cop and, well, you get it.

Anyway, the end found the group finding each other and having their memories (of their previous lives on the island) triggered by each other, and they all found their way to the church (yes, church) where Jack was the last to realize he was dead in a conversation with his long deceased father.

Christian Shepherd explained to his son that the people died during different times of life, some before Jack and some long after Jack (I presume this meant Hurley and Ben (who were left on the island to protect it), Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Miles, etc whose plane was seen leaving the island at the very end).

Once Jack joined his pals in the church, where everyone, except Michael, Walt, Ana Lucia, Mr. Eko and few more fan faves were absent, they had their happy reunion before walking into the light (wherever that led: heaven or the island).

Ben didn’t join them (guess he wasn’t ready to crossover).

So the end of Lost was really the beginning. Like the beginning the final shot was a close-up of Jack Shepherd’s face (on the island where he’s dying after stopping the destruction of the island). The audience, some tearfully, watched Jack’s eyes fluttered shut, the opposite of what happened in the pilot episode(2004)when his eyes fluttered open to start one of the more bizarre TV journeys ever.

I don’t know what to think of Lost. It had its ups and downs and the ending wasn’t as dramatic as some had expected. Instead, it was emotionally touching. I’d have preferred them to avoid the religious stuff, but hey it wasn’t a bad way to go out. Lost was a unique show and there will never be another like it. It will be missed. I miss it already.

Now I’ll have to find some other show to obsess about. Maybe ten years from now I’ll be able to re-visit this island saga. It’ll be interesting to watch it then.

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