Michael Jackson

It’s one year later. One year after Michael Jackson–the king of Pop, self-proclaimed and well-deserved–died. Michael’s death has been ruled an accidental overdose, likely caused by the drug profoval.

Dr.Conrad Murray, the doctor with him when he died, and the man Michael’s family, friends and fans blame for his death, has yet to face charges and is still practising medicine.

I admit that I am a Michael Jackson fan who never really appreciated him. I loved his music, but like many people, I got distracted and even turned off by his larger-than-life persona and antics.

And, while I’ll avoid any discussion about his legal troubles throughout the years, I’ll say this: I had my doubts about his innocence, then and now. But, Michael Jackson was NEVER found guilty of any crime, and so that’s taken into consideration.

Anyway, what I want to say is that Michael Jackson belongs in a special class of celebrities–the same class as Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. This is a class of Icons, or Icons of Icons.

Celebrities of this class live long after death through impersonators and estate branding. Michael Jackson’s estate has already raked in $200 million since his death and will likely rake in more in the coming years.

While pop stars have come and gone through the years, and there are many people who’ve been influenced by Michael–for the good and the bad–it cannot be denied that Michael Jackson was a musical genius.

In the early 1980s, just around the onset of MTV/MuchMusic, there were music videos, but most involved bands standing in front of a green screen strumming instruments. Michael Jackson revolutionized the music video–transforming the art form into mini-movies with plots and storylines.

Michael revolutionized choreography. And, while Michael could’ve easily gotten away with simply being a singer and songwriter, he wanted to be an entertainer. Hence, the beginning of the larger-than-life persona that would consume him and over time overshadow, but not erase, his talent.

Michael’s death has redeemed him and reminded the world of his talent and innovative style in an age of imitators(Lady Gaga) and no-talents(Britney Spears). I too have re-discovered Michael’s talent, and I am glad I have. I am glad he showed the world what real talent is and I am glad his talent is preserved for all time and is now accessible through websites like youtube.com.

So, it’s been a year and in celebration of the eternal King of Pop, here’s Michael singing: Bille Jean from the bestselling album of all time Thriller, 1982.


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