Un-thinkable (I’m Ready) by Alicia Keys

I watched Alicia Keys’ performances at the World Cup kickoff in South Africa, and her tribute to Prince at the BET Awards last week, and throughout I marveled at this woman’s raw talent.

But, while she climbed on the piano during the Prince tribute and wandered around in high heels during the FIFA event in South Africa, I couldn’t help express fear for her safety, since she previously announced her pregnancy.

I have seen pregnant women do strange things before; case in point: M.I.A’s performance at the 2009 Grammy Awards on her due date.

Yet, Alicia amazed me all the same. I love her collaboration with Jay-Z on Empire State of Mind. While Jay-Z holds his own, it’s Key’s voice that comes through in full force.

Keys came on the scene in 2001 as a classically trained piano prodigy and hasn’t slowed down since. Her music is described as paying homage to classic R&B and Soul. She’s not just a gifted piano player, but also a songwriter, vocalist and performer.

Anyway, I really like this song from Keys’ latest album. Keys and One Tree Hill actor Chad Michael Murray play star-crossed lovers from different sides of the color line–he’s white and she’s black. The video’s compiled of Keys’ encounters with Murray in varying decades starting in the 1960s and stretching to the present time.


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