What is it? Game is a term used by males to refer to a calculated practice of “picking up women.” It’s linked to pick-up artists: men who claim to have mastered the art of charming women into their beds ( see below: Mystery).

As the term suggests, to these males, females are “game”–animals to be hunted for sport and pleasure.

 Many males who engage in ‘gaming’ are believed to be socially inept or lacking the ability to attract females either due to low self-esteem or some other poor quality. These men, often jilted, consult professional pick-up artists (e.g. Mystery) either through a paid service or via the Internet for advice on the subject of women.

 Gaming seems frivolous when you first consider it, and many have dismissed it as laughable; however, gaming, at its core, is quite disturbing.

 It’s intrinsically tied to misogyny  and sexism, as its very name implies. Its subscribers believe that females are animals to be hunted, bedded and humiliated. The below quote comes from a poster on Roissy in DC:

Now that I understand women, and that attractive single women of my age and up are unmarriable disposeable alpha male cum dumpsters, that thought brings a smile to my 26 year old face.

 Furthermore, gaming encourages not only the disrespect of females, but an unapologetic attitude and predator-like mentality to women. It  promotes pedophila, or as its supporters would correct me, “ephebophilia”– sexual attraction to teenagers.

A man who’s interested for 13s is a ephebophile at maximum. There was no pedo bullshit in the healthier past.Also, making women to marry at early ages and having kids is a good way to prevent them from getting corrupted and become the sluts the are nowadays.

–poster on Roissy in DC
This is why I use the term “female” as opposed to women. Gamers or pick-up artists are misogynistic, and one aspect of misogyny is “attack on older females.” Many gamers despise older females (women), and encourage each other to go after borderline legal girls, usually 16 and 17 year olds. Some even advocate that girls as young as 13 years old should be game. As one poster on Roissy in DC puts it:

 “Bleeders with hips and breasts are sexually mature and therefore natural objects of desire.”

  Other words of wisdom from Roissy in DC:

Statutory rape is gay revenge. They used to be the perverts. Now everyone else is. Feminists like it because it makes men fearful of youthness — a form of castration.

[D]eep inside, every woman knows she is not to be taken serious. Her matters are trivial. She has nothing but sexual amusement to bring to the table. And that is the most of the significance she can aspire.

Gamers despise the age of consent laws in North America, which naturally prevents them from sexual activity with underage girls, and many are advocates of sex tourism–to places like Thailand, for example.

Who are these gamers? It’s hard to say whether they are normal males with relationship issues or true perverts, but many appear to be quite jilted, and downright bitter when it comes to [older] females. Many range in age from 30 to 50. It’s difficult to get an accurate image of them, because many spit their unpopular views behind their computer screens, and though many describe themselves as “financially successful” and “good looking,” it’s hard to agree or disagree. But, consider what Mystery (left) looks like. He’s one of the better known pick-up artists.

Also, take a look at Roissy (right). He runs the popular and very misogynistic site Roissy in DC. Neither Mystery or Roissy are Greek gods. They are average at best. But, it leads me to believe that perhaps they are simply jilted males with low self-esteem issues. Roissy himself gives advice like

Once you strip away the packaging and the cocktail party fluff, women are essentially interchangeable. OR:

Furthermore, if you want to bang the HOTTEST babes, learn uncaring asshole game. The hotter the girl, the more she will tingle for an unrepentant asshole.

On his site, he divides males into alpha (studs/top dogs) and beta (everyone else). Of course, he and the males on the site all aspire to alpha status, characterized by getting “lots of high quality p—y.”

Roissy on confident women:

A confident beast is still a beast, albeit more insufferable than a beast who knows her place.

  Don’t know how successful ‘gaming’ is, as there’s little statistics outside of self testimonies by proponents of gaming to back up its success. However, it’s something that people should be aware of, for the nature of its misogyny.


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14 Responses to Game

  1. Y says:

    Roissy is a character for sure. The guys that run in his crowd are, for the most part, pissed off that large bank accounts were not enough to win them the women they think they deserve. Things have changed. Back in the day all a man needed to be was a good provider, and he was guaranteed a decent looking and well behaved wife/girlfriend. Now that women can go and provide for themselves a man doesnt have to have a fat paycheck to get a woman and women can pick men according to other factors…or “what makes her tingle” as PUAs call it.

    I dont think game(basically learning how to get women interested in you romantically) is a bad thing. It can be used by men to meet and get together with women they may want to marry, just depends on the man. I will say I dont care much for Roissy and the “darker” PUAs. They definitely have a chip on their shoulder.

  2. I do think it is a bit unfair to tar all “gamers” with the same brush – in terms of favouring sex with teens and that sort of thing. I'd wager that the majority of them would not be into that.

    But otherwise, I have to agree that the misogynistic nature of so much game discourse is really disturbing. Just goes to show how people can be into women sexually, so much that their world basically revolves around them, yet have hatred for them at the same time.

    I wonder if they would consider their own mothers to be “beasts”, “bleeders” or “disposable alpha male cum dumpsters”? Or maybe that's actually the problem – that they have mommy issues.

  3. Mell says:

    y, I don't think there is necessarily something wrong with gaming,; however, I can't pretend I am not disturbed by the misogyny.

    Eurasian, maybe they do have mommy issues. Still, it's very disturbing stuff.

  4. Y says:

    Believe me, I an disturbed too. Many of the men in the Roissy-sphere lament on the fact that they no longer view women as human. Yes, thats correct, they dont think we are human.

    Some have issues because the women they want wont have sex with them for free (geez I wounder why) and other have mommy issues. Gaming isnt bad but lets just say there a lot of f*cked-upness in that part of the blogosphere.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Note to the author,

    Mentioning one of Roissy's anonymous commentors as a way of implying that the blogger himself is a pedophile makes you a worse person than anybody I know.

    THAT is why the anonymous commentor doesn't have a blog of his own, because nobody would read it, much like yours. (Well I suppose the FBI would read a pedo's blog)

    That said, most “gamers” as some call them, are not dark and jaded like roissy. And the fact is, just ACTING like an alpha-male (without being a douch-bag) gets you laid. Period. Try it some time.

  6. Mel says:

    @Anonymous. I am sorry you were somehow offended by my post. My post was made after months of carefully following blogs like Roissy, and others, where the sentiment and the comments fall along the same line: obnoxious and misogynistic.

    I didn't just use quotes from anonymous posters on the blog, but also from Roissy himself.

    PS. If no one reads my blog, then why did you comment here, which shows that you've been reading it?

  7. Interesting how you can point out all of the flaws and misogyny inherent in Game, and yet you're completely blind to the blatant bigotry that your movement (feminism) dishes out. What's so wrong with men comparing notes on how to get women to sleep with them, and developing strategies around those notes? Does it bother you that it may enable a man who makes less than a six-figure salary to get in your pants?

    I'm sorry, feminists, but you brought this on yourselves. I certainly won't be shedding any tears over the fact that women are losing control over the whole mating game. And the fact that you view men's role in the mating game as predatory shows that you've got some serious issues with men, issues most likely of the Freudian variety. Predatory is hardly an accurate word to use; I have yet to see a single prey in nature that can get its predator to back off simply by saying “Sorry, I'm not interested in being eaten today.”

  8. Mel says:

    @philhenderson87 Interesting how you can point out all of the flaws and misogyny inherent in Game, and yet you're completely blind to the blatant bigotry that your movement (feminism) dishes out.

    My movement? You're dead wrong. I belong to no movement. Whatever feminism is, it has nothing to do with me.

    Furthermore, you inquired about what's wrong with “gaming,” I answered. It's misognynistic and bitter, nasty.

    Nothing can justify the things said on those websites.

  9. How is it misogynistic to like a woman for her body? Women are every bit as guilty of shallow objectification as men are. Don't even try to convince me that you've never heard a woman admiring a man for his hair, his suit, or his car.

    The fact that you're using a couple random quotes from a couple random posters on Roissy's website to tar the whole movement is the height of intellectual dishonesty. That would be like me comparing you to Louis Farrakhan just because you're black.

  10. Mel says:

    The fact that you're using a couple random quotes from a couple random posters on Roissy's website to tar the whole movement is the height of intellectual dishonesty.

    You might want to read again. I clearly mentioned that I have been actively following these sites for months (and still do). Would you have preferred if I went through the hundreds of archives to embed all the things ever written on the site?
    I used comments/quotes that best emphasized everything that was wrong with these sites.
    That would be like me comparing you to Louis Farrakhan just because you're black.
    Ah, the random, race commentary. I was wondering when it would come up.

  11. It's not random. I'm saying that a few comments from extremists (which those are–I've seen Roissy's blog, too) do not serve as a fair representation of the whole. The fact that Louis Farrakhan stood up for the rights of blacks and was a racist does not mean that all blacks who stand up for themselves are racists. I personally don't believe that you are racist. There are extremists in every movement; it's unfair for you to highlight them as representative of the whole–and that is exactly what you're doing, no matter how much you may deny it.

  12. itstheotherwayaround says:

    I wouldn’t screw roissy with a monkeys twat and a bag over his head LMAO!

  13. itstheotherwayaround says:

    I wouldn’t sport fuck Roissy with a monkeys twat and a bag over his head.

  14. Evolutionary psychology folks, or should I say de-evolutionary. . . . There are plenty of ladies that willfully and happily dispose of their one nighty at their own discretion. It’s called gender neutrality. . . Thank the promotion of female promiscuity and hypergamy in our colleges and our pop-culture. What else do you expect? What I find so amazing is that this stuff actually works. Tell a girl she’s lovely and intelligent and it’s know-wheres-ville.
    This is one of the best articles I have read on the subject. . . . . The direct result of philosophical deconstruction and post-modernism is a digression of our culture. Thank you ‘group think’. What’s your tribe?
    Don’t blame gammers for the landscape in which they operate. You should commend them for adapting. Boy needs to get laid! Lol

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