Kanye West: Power Video

Kanye is a man you either hate to love or love to hate. Say what you want about Kanye’s antics and his ego: big, rude, angry. What can’t be denied about Kanye is that he knows how to keep things interesting. When this video premiered on Youtube a week ago, it generated controversy. Even now, there are conspiracy theorists rambling on the thread about Illuminati, New World Order, Satanism, and the message of the video.

The video is interesting; it shows Kanye as an artist who’s always trying to push the artistic boundary. It’s a throwback to Renaissance paintings, and features a myriad of images symbolic and mythological. For example, the horned and winged women, Horus medallion, and the Sword of Damocles, positioned dangerously over his head. The sword of Damocles is, of course, a symbol of the dangers that come with too much power, as the lyrics to West’s song attests.

 Anyway, here’s Kanye’s video for Power. Analyze it for yourself.


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