8 Most Overrated People In History

According to Mark Juddery for The Huffington Post:
1.Mahatma Gandhi–more political than peaceful?

2.Lady Godiva–that ‘naked on the horse’ rumor isn’t true?

3.Christoper Columbus–didn’t discover the Americas, wasn’t the first European here, and died believing he had landed in India.

4.Guglielmo Marconi–inventor of the radio signals transmitter actually stole the idea from Nikola Tesla.

5. Machine Gun Kelly–Kelly never killed anyone in his life. He and his gang only had one major crime: the kidnap of an oil tycoon.

6. King Arthur–King Arthur’s status should be demoted from “dashing, heroic king” to “guy who didn’t even exist.”

7.Ronald Reagan–“Yes, you can easily place him on that pedestal. You would merely need to ignore the Iran-Contra scandal, the huge budget deficits, his environment ignorance, his do-nothing reaction to the looming AIDS epidemic, his courting of Saddam Hussein, and numerous other blunders.”

8.Thomas Edison–the father of inventions actually didn’t invent anything–he just took the credit.

NOTE: This list could’ve been longer. Mother Theresa, JFK, Princess Diana, and a handful of others belong on the list.

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