The Tennis Brawl

Last night, during the 2010 U.S. Open, I was watching Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic (The Djoker)make shot after shot against German player Phillip Petzschner, and as exciting as the shot-making players were, the best thing of the night occurred in the stands–a brawl.

The camera screw didn’t show much of anything, to the disappointment of myself and other fans who’d love to have seen the distraction. And, the match carried on as if nothing happened, with little mention of the brawl, and Djokovic won, in three hard sets, as expected.

Nonetheless, since there were cameras everywhere, the brawl–between an old man, a young man and an middle-aged woman, and some white knights–was caught on camera.

Tennis is among a handful of sports including Golf and Polo, that’s considered high class, and Tennis fans are arguably some of the most polite and proper, but once in a while, stuff like last night’s brawl happens, to remind us that we shouldn’t rely too much on the stereotype of demure tennis fans.

And, what’s with Novak Djokovic? The guy, who by the way made an hilarious TMI comment last night about what’s between his legs, appears to be a magnet for tennis brawls. In Australia, 2007 and 2009, tennis fans have brawled his matches, requiring police presence, and last night, yet another Djokovic match and yet another brawl.

 PS. All three brawlers have been suspended from the Open for 2 years each.

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2 Responses to The Tennis Brawl

  1. That's actually a good example of what happens in a lot of fights. The young guy wil be saying “the old man attacked me!” And technically he's right, but he really needed to just keep his mouth shut. A lot of people run their mouth like crazy and wonder why everyone seems to want to mess with them. His body language is also very aggressive during the argument.

    Regarding Novak Djokovic, the brawls at the Australian Open is because he is Serbian. There are a lot of young Serbs, Bosnians and Croats out here who have way too much testosterone and way too much pride in a country that most of them haven't even been to. Supporting the player from their nation is only a distraction from their real fun, which is to beat their chest, chant racist slogans and start fights with rival supporters.

  2. Mira says:

    I am sorry to say Eurasian Sensation is right about tennis “fans” from former Yugoslavia. 😦

    What I also find pathetic is their need to present themselves as the 'greatest and purest” Serbs/Croats etc., but most of them never been here, don't speak the language(s) and generally don't care about Balkans outside their interest in building their identity on it.

    What is extremely annoying is the fact many of the people who live in the West see themselves as “truer” (insert ethnic group here) than the people actually living in the Balkans, so they often take the liberty of telling us what to do. If they like Balkans so much, why don't they come back/move here, I wonder?

    (Rant over. Sorry for this. You have an interesting blog, Mel).

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