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1.      10 Things You Can Learn From Nigerians–Atlanta Post

In Celebration of Nigeria’s independence from Britain, The Atlanta Post has compiled a list of 10 successful Nigerian citizens.

 2.  Another gay teen commits suicide after being subjected to homophobia.

The latest in a string of tragic suicides by gay youth, Zach Harrington ended his life after hearing anti-gay rhetoric at a City Council meeting. READ MORE: 

3. Menstruation Leads To Impulsiveness?

A new study by Karen Pine and Ben Fletcher finds that the further a woman is in her cycle, the more likely she is to make “impulsive purchases.”   READ MORE

4. First Nations Woodcarver Shot And Killed By Police

A lawyer for a First Nations woodcarver says the man apparently wasn’t facing Seattle police when an officer shot him to death in August. READ MORE


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