2010: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good

  • Christmas was peaceful this year (for my family, that’s a big deal)/I got through this semester of school (big deal for me, too)
  • I rediscovered The Big Bang Theory. I started watching this show in the beginning, but then stopped and now I am back on track. I love nerds and so it’s a natural fit for me. I found new nerds to love beside Steve Urkel and Spock, yes, that Spock.
  • Bruno Mars came on the music scene this year. I like to add K’naan, too.

The Bad
Lost ended its 6-yr run. There’ll never be another one. (I’m keeping my fingers crossed about the Walking Dead because I hate zombies).

MTV shows
 Sadly, I now know who Snookie, Jwow and the Situation are. Yeah, I wish I could have that procedure from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind where you can erase any memory/knowledge you want. I’d definitely erase them.  And teen moms became popular this year too, thanks to MTV (a degenerate institution) and Sarah Palin’s daughter on Dancing with the Stars.

Birthers/Tea Party
Never before have American lunatic Conservatives been so prominently featured in the public eye. For people looking to understand the link between American racism and conservatism, these looneytoons were it. Sadly, the got much of what they were after: the defeat of America’s Democrats during the election in November. The sad part is, they believe they have a point to make and that they’re sympathetic.

People famous for nothing: the Kardashians. I need not say more. See SNL spoof here.

The Downright Atrocious/Ugly

BP Oil Spill–three months I watched this saga play out with seemingly no end in sight. It was fixed, eventually, bu the damage sustained to the wildlife, and the livelihood of its the region’s residence is almost irreparable. The BP bigshots weren’t even sympathetic.

Haiti earthquake–This was 2010’s equivalent of the 2004’s Tsunami and 2005’s Hurricane Katrina. Never before had human suffering been so glaring/traumatizing and yet so exploited for ratings. I still see Anderson Cooper in Haiti playing brave journalist. Haiti still needs help, by the way. Infectious diseases are now the issue.

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