My Guitar And Me

Last year,  I bought an acoustic guitar because I wanted to learn how to play one. I took a handful of guitar lessons when I was 15 but never followed up. I’ve been reminding myself for the last decade to learn the instrument, and finally, last May, I got an acoustic guitar.

 Now, I have no natural musical talent. I can’t sing, which I hate. I played the flute in school, and if you include the recorder, that meant I played 1 1/2 musical instruments, even though I just can’t remember how to play the flute, seeing as though I haven’t picked one up in nearly a decade.

 Anyway, for some strange reason I have always been a music lover and I have always fantasized about being a musician…not a singer, but a musician. I wanted to compose music and play my own instrument.

So, now I have an acoustic guitar, instead of an electric, which I almost bought. In the end, I find the acoustic to be more organic, and honest.

Not only have I gotten my acoustic, but I opted to teach myself. Wouldn’t that more impressive? I have been trying, and the only chord I have mastered is the G-chord, which is the easiest to finger for me. Months after buying it, I am still not writing songs or playing the songs of my favorite artists, like I imagined. My fingers have calloused and my interest has waned. I haven’t given up, or anything, but now I realize I may need a tutor. So much for being self-proficient.

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