Michael Ignatieff: Just Visiting and Canadian Anti-Americanism

Whenever I see this AD, I laugh and shake my head. I laugh, even though this political attack AD, courtesy of the Conservative Party of Canada, is so very anti-American, it nags me. The AD attacks Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff for his association with the U.S. (Michael was born and raised in Canada, but lived and worked in the U.S. for 34 years). The focus of the AD is to prove that Ignatieff is not really Canadian.

Anti-Americanism in Canada is tricky to handle, but I have always said it’s the bread and butter of Canadian existence. Canada has always defined itself by how not-American it is. In other words, if you ask a Canadian to define herself, she’ll list everything she’s not: American.

The recent Wikileaks documents revealed that U.S. officials educated President Obama on Canada, his first official state visit, by describing Canada as a nation with an “inferiority complex,” evidenced in its shows like Little Mosque on the Prairie and The Border. Sadly, truer words have never been spoken. Canadian anti-Americanism is highly tied to its sense of identity, and its feelings of being the lesser important little brother, always playing second fiddle to the cooler, more popular star athlete brother. And, until  Canada gets over its inferiority complex, anti-Americanism will always thrive here, even against good judgment.

Anti-Americanism is also the number one reason the British Monarchy is still head of the Canadian state, despite the overwhelming majority of Canadians not supporting it. It’s important to know this because the current PM, Stephen Harper, is not just a Conservative, the party responsible for the AD, but also a Monarchist. Conservatives and Monarchists use anti-Americanism to instill fear in the hearts of Canadians by telling them if they’re not British, then they’re Americans. Monarchists treat the British Monarchy as a buffer between Canada and its neighbor, the U.S. God forbid they be just Canadian.

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