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1. You’ve heard of “passing,” but have you ever heard of “reverse passing“– the phenomenon or tendency of Afro-European (biracial) people to downplay or shun their white heritage in an effort to gain acceptance in black society. Read More Here

2. Romancing the Dictators–For years, a number of black leaders have paid homage to Muammar Qaddafi and other ruthless African heads of state. They should be ashamed. READ MORE

3. 50 Female Empowerment Anthems on the arrival of Women’s Month–READ MORE

4. Batman, ‘The Daily Show’, and the Fall of Western CivilizationRead More

5.There is a black, pro-sex contingent–in pop culture–Shayne Lee’s Erotic Revolutionaries careens from pop cultural sub-genre to sub-genre exploring the contributions many black women in the public eye have made to sexuality through their platforms in sports, music, and even in the pulpit. READ MORE


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