Black Ethnic Groups You Didn’t Know Existed

1. Siddis–Pakistan/India
Apparently, these people were brought to Pakistan by Portuguese slave traders. However, the Siddi are free peoples who converted to Islam and became greater generals and commanders in India and Pakistan. The famous Arab explorer Ibn Buttata said the Siddi were “guarantors of safety on the Indian Ocean.” The descendants of many of these people live in southern India, and parts of Pakistan today, where they are referred to as Habshis. They have lived in this part of the world since 500 years ago.READ MORE ABOUT SIDDIS.

2. Bandaris –Iran
The Bandari people of Iran live is the southern areas such as Shiraz. They are believed to be descended from slaves, however some sources believe they had voluntarily migrated from Africa thousands of years ago, while others believe they are original inhabitants (Afrocentrics). READ MORE or: Afro-Iranian Lives.

3. Black Iraqis– Iraq
Black Iraqis live mostly in Basra, where they perform menial jobs and face discrimination by other Iraqis who call them slaves (abdi). The black Iraqi population estimated to be around one to two million people, and many reportedly came to Iraq as slaves nearly a thousand years ago(1100 CE). Some people disagree with the slave story and argue that the black Iraqis voluntary came to Iran during the birth of Islam. The election of Barack Obama has led to a civil rights movement of blacks in Iraq that saw the first black candidates run for political office in 2009. READ MORE

4. Kafirs–Sri Lanka
The Kafirs of Sri Lanka are said to be descended mainly from Portuguese slave traders and Africans they had brought with them to Sri Lanka. Of course the term is offensive in Africa, but in Pakistan they are Sheedis and India (Siddis). They spoke a creole dialect that is now extinct. READ MORE

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