Trump Questions How Obama’s Got Into Harvard

I don’t know if this is an entirely white Republican thing, but I’ve had enough with these wilfully ignorant people, and their “coded” racist statements that even a blind person can see through because they’re so pathetic. Famewhore Donald Trump, who I’ve been trying to avoid for some time now, has finally pissed me off. Many people will jump on Trump’s statement, and some already have, but we should get to the bottom of the statement:

I have friends who have smart sons with great marks, great boards, great
everything and they can’t get into Harvard. We don’t know a thing about this
guy. There are a lot of questions that are unanswered about our President.

This is not the first nor will it be the last time a white person makes such a thinly disguised racist remark. This is the “code talk” that isn’t really code at all. Underlying it, for all those who are either wilfully clueless or apologist, is the belief, on the part of many non-blacks, that black people cannot accomplish anything on their own, and that the “successes” of black people are due, not to hard work or intelligence, but rather, to white society’s affirmative action policy. This line of thinking assumes that a) black people are innately mentally/intellectually stupid and b) black achievements in academia or the professional world, are due wholly or in part to white society bestowing on them “special privileges” that they don’t deserve or didn’t earn.

It’s the opposite of the belief that whites get into good colleges and the workforce because they have the intelligence and hardwork for it. During the 2008 presidential campaign in the U.S., the “merit” argument was brought up frequently by John McCain and Sarah Palin, the same John McCain who admitted that his grades and behavior were too poor to get him into the prestigious military academy WestPoint, and that, had it not been for his grandfather’s respected military distinctions, he would not have gotten in. Donald Trump, a joke of a man with a mail-order bride and a toupee, was born with a silverspoon in his mouth and has lifted his children to high ranking positions in his businesses, despite their lack of experience.

But, sadly, this suggestion that Obama and his wife Michelle, and every successful black person for that matter, are too dumb to get into university or earn their respective careers is not unique to the wannabe president Donald Trump. It’s widespread on the Internet–people, mostly self-proclaimed Conservatives/Republicans, have insisted that the President’s and Michelle Obama’s grades were being hidden because they likely didn’t have the grades to get into a prestigious schools, and only did so because of Affirmative Action.

These racist people never mention legacy recruiting, which accounts for roughly 20 percent of all university students, mostly affluent whites; e.g. George W. Bush, who, of course, got into university because of his hard work and great grades (wink! wink!). By the way, on average, blacks account for 2 percent of all university students in the U.S. But, if we are to believe white racists, each one of these blacks got into university because of the omnipotent Affirmative Action, without which, they’d be rejected for being too dumb. But here’s the irony. If it were proven that Obama’s grades were good (I hope he doesn’t prove anything), whites (HBDers) will insists he’s an exception and his grades were good due to his white genetic ancestry. See a pattern?

The worst part of this story is that I don’t even think Donald Trump warrants a reply. Sadly,his ego has been boosted by President Obama stooping to his level to produce a long-form birth certificate, which Trump, of course takes credit for. And, of course, his latest attempt at media/fame whoring a presidential campaign will grant exactly the attention he wants.


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2 Responses to Trump Questions How Obama’s Got Into Harvard

  1. Mel says:

    @anonymous the coward. Of course you believe that black people have an IQ of 70. You are racist; more specifically, anti-black. I can't convince you otherwise, but somehow I don't think the point is to convince you.

    You will never be convinced, because you don't want to be. It's just the way your kind work. Believing this helps you sleep better at night, and makes you feel good about your otherwise worthless existence, so I won't play cruel and tell you that Santa Claus isn't real.

    I will say, however, that intelligence is complex, and chances are you have no understanding of how much so (reading Richard Lynn or suscribing to HBD posts don't count for anything to anyone who is really intelligent).

    I leave you with this: Kim Peek (Rain Man) was a mathematical genius, but, a savant, he had an IQ of 70.

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