A Criticism of The SlutWalk

I tried hard to ignore the “Slutwalk” events popping up all across the globe, and still have no interest in them, even if the first one was held in Toronto, and involved a student, or students from my Alma Mater (York University).

However, I came across the his wonderful piece called: SlutWalk: A Stroll Through White Supremacy from the website The Curb. It ‘s written by Aura Blogando, a black feminist from Argentina. In it, Aura discusses the role of racism, or rather race and privilege, in the Slut Walk events.

SlutWalk was created by women who “are tired of being oppressed by slut-shaming; of being judged by [their] sexuality and feeling unsafe as a result.” SlutWalk aims to “reclaim” the word “slut,” by taking to the streets and demanding people begin to think about the way women are damaged by stereotyping. What’s now grown into a Global North movement, SlutWalk has predictably captivated the media. One can read numerous blogs and articles, and examine diametrically opposed op-eds posted on both sides of the Atlantic – all authored by white women. With such a sensationalized event name, it makes sense that the event would gain attraction. What doesn’t make sense is the racist way in which SlutWalk has chosen to present itself – the result of the group’s white leadership, which has systematically silenced the voices of women of color. Women are left with little assurance that the word “slut” can even be reclaimed at all, and it would be absurd to imagine that SlutWalk’s dramatized events will do anything to stop any kind of violence against women.

Like I said, I don’t care for SlutWalk, but my problem with it, stems not from race, but from its implications. The fact that it’s called “Slut” walk is enough to turn me off. I feel strongly about the sexual promiscuity that has taken over the women’s movement over the past decades, and, as in my criticism of Jessica Valente and other feminist bloggers, I don’t feel represented by a movement that sells itself as the “slut defender” movement.

Read the criticism from The Curb HERE.


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