A Note on the British Monarchy in Canada

The British Monarchy is a symbol of racism, sexism, elitism, WASP Supremacy, religious prejudice, colonialism, feudalism, oppression.

It’s embarassing to watch new citizens swear allegiance to “Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors” instead of Canada. No wonder no one has any allegiance to Canada, it merits none. Its Democracy is a joke, since its head of state is inherited through blood and not merit.

The British Monarchy is the head of state for 16 of 54 commonwealth countries, most of which are third world countries with failling governments. Canada succeeds in spite of it, not because of it. It’s essentially because of the monarchist constitution that Harper, who’s pro-Monarchist, has been able to manipulate the system in the most tyrannical manner to his benefit.

It’s sad that anti-Americanism is what keeps the BRITISH monarchy in Canada. At least Americans have self-respect and would never allow a foreign leader to rule them.

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