It’s Canada Day

It’s Canada Day, a celebration of the nation’s 144th birthday. It’s a slight exaggeration to call Canada a nation, because Canada has yet to gain TRUE independence from Britain. It wasn’t until 1982 that Queen Liz signed the Constitutional amendment  giving Canada full control over its governmental affairs, and even so, Canada still has the British Monarchy as its head of state.

 Evident of this is that every Canada Day, a member of the BRITISH monarchy drops by to remind Canadians who their real head of state is. This Canada Day, it’s the media darlings William and Kate. They arrived yesterday, straight off the plane to a sea of middle-aged and old white women, who’ve camped out for days on lawns, to flank them with praises and well-wishes.

 Of course, when this nine-day tour is over, we’ll hear about how great a success it was, and how it was proof that Canadians still want the British Monarchy as its head of state. Yet, all the praises and well-wishes of old, white women and the pro-Monarchy CBC and Maclean’s have not changed the opinion of the majority of Canadians: Canada needs its OWN head of state.

Every Canada Day, nation-wide polls are taken by various media outlets, asking Canadians about Canada’s Head of State question, the one our Monarchist Prime Minister and government refuse to acknowledge, and every year the poll shows a growing support for a homegrown Canadian Head of State. 

The latest polls show that, despite the popularity of Will and Kate, common-sense thinking Canadians, not middle-aged and old white women who flock and overwhelm the CBC website, still want a Canadian Head of State instead of “Queen Liz and her heirs and successors.”

William may be the country’s first choice for King, but Canadians are divided when asked if they support Canada continuing to have the British monarch as its head of state. The wedding of William and Kate has done nothing to improve those numbers.Thirty-nine per cent of Canadians oppose continuing the monarchical tradition; 34 per cent support it. The remaining 26 per cent have no strong opinion either way.



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