Sex Doesn’t Sell

Here’s a shocker. According to a recent study done by experts at the University of California, Davis (UCD), sex and nudity in movies don’t sell tickets.

Stunned? Not really. It’s my understanding that people are desensitized. Sex is everywhere in the media, Internet provides a 24-hour venue for sex, of all sort. Sexual suggestions and innuendos are daily heard and seen. It’s not surprising that people don’t respond to it anymore.

Sex did not sell, whether in the domestic or international box office, and even after controlling for MPAA rating,” said co-author Dean Keith Simonton, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Davis. “In other words, even among R[-rated] movies, less graphic sex is better.

Co-author Anemone Cerridwen also appeared on CNN and told the cable news network :

“I assumed sex sold, and wanted to know by how much,” Cerridwen told CNN. “I braced myself for the worst, and got quite the surprise.”

Both authors hope the study will influence Hollywood producers and writers.

“I do believe that there are a fair number of people in the film industry who want to make better films, and this study may give them some ammunition.

 Something tells me Michael Bay, Harvey Weinstein, HBO and the rest of Hollywood won’t care, and will continue to toss naked people on the screen every opportunity they get.



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One Response to Sex Doesn’t Sell

  1. I was surprised to hear this, but on reflection, not surprised.

    As you say, it is so easy to view sex and nudity elsewhere that it is no longer a selling point in movies. However, I would assume that this revolves primarily around the rise of internet porn. As a teenager, I remember sitting through all kinds of stupid movies just so I got to see some much-talked-about 1 second shot of someone's breasts, because nudity was much harder to come by.

    So is it possible that the ubiquity of internet porn will actually benefit the quality of films by making directors focus more on plot and less on blatant sexual drawcards? Probably not, but you never know.

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