If I could sit down with the tyrannical leaders of Syria, I would ask them one question.

The people of Syria don’t want you as their leaders anymore, so what’s wrong with just stepping down and leaving?

Of course, they wouldn’t be able to answer. Why drives tyrants is power, and when they taste it, they can’t resist, and then they do everything to  keep that power.

So, for the last few months, Syrian authorities, and at this point, they’re illegitimate, have been killing their own people by the hundreds, and it’s only now that the West realized the problem was not with Gadhafi, but with Syria. The sanctions have gone up, but isn’t it a little too late, or is the fight never over for justice.

Syrian security forces seize IDs and cellphones from those gathered at the soccer arena, activists say. Five people are killed, and the U.N. is worried about Palestinian refugees in the area.



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