Stephen Harper Decides to Return the "Royal" Emblems

Stephen: I’ll make sure you stay in Canada forever

Stephen Harper, Canada’s proudly Monarchist Prime Minister is intent on restoring the Monarchy to prominence in Canada, and he’ll do it at the expense of Canadian taxpayers, and everything uniquely Canadian.

News has come that Harper has expensive plans to re-name the Canadian Armed Forces the Royal Canadian Armed Forces, or Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Canadian Air Force, as a means of stressing Canada is nothing but an extension of Britain honoring the past.

This comes months after Harper ordered the removal of an historic pair of paintings in the Lester B. Pearson Building, by Quebec modern master Alfred Pellan, regarded as one of Canada’s most important artists, for a 2002 photo portrait of the Queen of Britain. The paintings have been there for decades, and shows the Canadian landscape.

Instead of focusing on Canadian nation-building, by creating uniquely Canadian symbols, Harper and the elites of Canada are intent on returning Canada to its colonial past.

Now, I am wondering, how much farther into the past will Harper take us? Can we look forward to waving the Union Jack and singing “God save the Queen” instead of the Maple Leaf and “O Canada”? What about the Citizenship Act? Will we become subjects of the British Empire again?

“This isn’t the 1950s, nor do we have 1950s values,” Freda said. “Canada has been accustomed to moving away from colonialist symbols, not toward them.”–Tom Freda, Citizens for a Canadian Republic

Once again, the Monarchists in Canada, led by Harper, the CBC and Maclean’s magazine, an elitist group indeed, have taken on the fight to remind Canada that it’s a colony of the British Crown, and nothing else.

 And then they wonder why no one respects Canada as a nation.


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