Nunavut: the Human Tragedy

  • Nunavut is a territory in Canada (Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territorities).
  • Nunavut is the largest sub-country and most northern part of Canada, stretching all the way to the arctic.
  • The territory was officially established on April 1, 1999.
  • Its capital is Iqaluit.
  • Its population is First Nations (Native American).
  •  Its government operates with approval from the federal government office of Indian Affairs.
  • Its population is an estimated 30,000.
  • Its indigenous population has the highest suicide rate in Canada [by 11 times].
  • 1 in 3 people die by committing suicide.
  • Many people cannot find food,  or suffer from chronic alcholism and drug addiction.
  • 85 percent of suicide victims are males between 18-25.
  • 28 is the average number of suicides annually.
  • For 2011 so far, the number of suicide victims is 23.

Why I am writing about this now?

The government of Nunavut has recently released a suicide prevention plan.

“The plan promises over the next three years more mental health and addictions services, culturally appropriate grief counselling and suicide intervention training, an expansion of the Kamatsiaqtut Nunavut help line and a focus on teaching kids coping mechanisms.

It also includes more support for communities facing clusters of suicides and an ambitious program of suicide research, including statistics on suicide attempts, information that Nunavut has never collected before.

By 2014, the government will develop a capital plan to build or buy facilities to be used for mental health work and a plan to hire and train more mental health workers. “

Nunavut Suicide by Region Chart
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NSPS Action Plan Final English


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