Vulture and Child

Vulture and Child (1993) is an unofficial title for a famous photograph that appeared in the New York Times. The picture was taken by South African photojournalist Kevin Carter, a member of the photographers’ group known as the Bang Bang Club, whose lives are currently the subject of the new movie, The Bang Bang Club, 2010.

The picture was taken while Carter was in Sudan during the famine crisis of 1993. It shows a vulture stalking a malnourished child, too weak to walk, and near death.

When I first saw the picture, the first thing I thought was, why isn’t he [photographer] helping the child. Carter said he waited twenty minutes for the vulture to spread its wings, which didn’t happen, and afterward, he chased off the vulture. He came under criticism for after the child died (not from the vulture), for not helping her.

The picture, as disturbing then as it still is now, was replicated in the 2004 Angelina Jolie movie Beyond Borders, when a famous woman played by Angelina Jolie spots a vulture preying on an emaciated child.

Of the photographer, the St. Petersburg Times in Florida said :

The man adjusting his lens to take just the right frame of her suffering, might just as well be a predator, another vulture on the scene.”

Carter received a Pulitzer Prize for feature photography in 1994, and committed suicide the same year, after allegedly suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression.

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3 Responses to Vulture and Child

  1. Photographers should watch their health all the time,, sometimes I think they concerted to much on the work and forget what life has to offer them. Eating a balance diet,,, drinking water and exesing will also help them to stay health.healthy living indeed.

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  3. remy says:

    I am glad he suffered and died of pts…. only a white person could be so cold. may the child RIP & the photographer suffer in his grave…. didn’t surprise me he is from south Africa, they still have slavery and classism in 1 form or another… I’m sooo pissed about the pic.

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