Another year, another movie about a down-and-out black teenage girl struggling in her innercity world. This time, it’s Pariah, a movie about a young teenage girl coming to terms with her homosexuality while dealing with an angry mother who doesn’t approve. It’s getting all sorts of Oscar buzz.

Pariah, on the surface, is similar to Precious, but the critics disagree that it’s the same movie. In Pariah, Alike, the main character, is not a victim of her neighborhood or parenting. She’s not a victim at all. She’s simply a young woman dealing with her sexuality. Furthermore, the movie is not filled with stereotypes and stereotypical characters. The characters are more authentic, and Alike’s mother is more human than Precious’ mother.

It should be interesting to see how this movie is received by the mainstream. The fact that the movie is just breaking into mainstream consciousness is curious. The mainstream rarely cares for movies in which black people are protrayed as human rather than stereotypical caricatures.

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