Awkward Race Reality

I just watched the video: Stuff white girls say…to black girls. It’s amusing, but painfully correct. It’s also under assault by whites who find it offensive, either because they don’t get it (think it’s poking fun of whites) or because they believe blacks are more racist than whites these days, or discussing race is racist.
Any black person who has ever had any real life experience with whites GET the point Chescaleigh is making. Many blacks, including me, find dealing with whites quite weary and wary.

Some truths I have come to Hold Self-Evident:

a) Most whites do not know any black people. Most of their opinions and beliefs about blacks come from the television. For many whites, who may live their lives without ever having any real contact, much less a relationship with blacks, when they come into contact with black people in real life, they see it as their opportunity to voice their opinions and beliefs about blacks; you know, get it off their chest.

b) Whites believe they have some “philosophical point” to make about race and racism. Some whites aim to offend you to prove their philosophical point about race. (e.g. Look, I am saying nigger (wait for your reaction). ii)You blacks are more racist than whites today. How do you plea?

Dr. Laura’s unleashing on the black female calling for advice about her husband using nigger in front of her and his white family.

c) Ignorant whites are common (e.g. Where do you live? Is that in the ghetto? Can you put your hair in an Afro? Why do blacks say “axed” and not ask? Black people can’t swim because they have too much muscle mass (yes, I have heard this one).

d) Dealing with whites, I can say that whites do not see blacks as they see themselves. In the eyes of whites, blacks are either aliens to ignore and “admire” from a far (I have been in my fair share of classrooms that have gone dead quiet as soon as I open my mouth); If blacks aren’t aliens, they are caricatures, cartoon characters and minstrel show dolls. i) Press the button and watch the black golliwog dance. ii)Laugh when a black person uses a big word. Ha, you blacks say the darndest things.)

e) Many whites do not want  friendship with a person who happens to be black. What they want is a “black friend” as seen on TV. Here, “black” implies stereotypes (ebonic-speaking, loud, vulgar, entertaining, athletic, good-dancer, etc). See rappers and comedians

f) Whites are confused by black people who don’t fit black racial stereotypes; cognitive dissonance usually results in whites trying to force the stereotypes on blacks who don’t fit it (Exhibit A: 2008 US presidential election and the media’s desperation to paint Pres. Obama and First Lady  Michelle as angry black people, with The New Yorker going so far as to publish this cover).

g) Most non-blacks, especially whites, believe in Human Bio-Diversity (HBD), if not as a science, then as a true principle. HBD is a pseudo-science designed for the sole purpose of de-humanizing blacks. E.g. Blacks are genetically stupid, biologically prone to impulsive and aggressive behavior. It’s true, they have smaller brains and more testosterone. They’re wired differently.

What makes HBD and anti-black racism so dangerous is that it has real life implications for black people. Ever heard the saying: black people are the last to get hired and the first to get fired? How about the fact that blacks are more likely to get fired for first time mistakes than any other group? What’s an honest mistake for another race is due to mental incompetence for blacks. Or, consider a study I read about involving doctors and patients. Doctors were less likely to recommend medication to blacks than whites with the same conditions. The reason? Doctors felt blacks wouldn’t or couldn’t understand the medical instructions or read the labels. In other words, they’re not intelligent enough to save.

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One Response to Awkward Race Reality

  1. Matari says:

    Good post, and good points!

    “I have been in my fair share of classrooms that have gone dead quiet as soon as I open my mouth.”

    I have been in the presence of white men who hardly wanted to listen to any comments/suggestions I made. To them I was insignificant. They chose to view me as not as important/knowledgeable/respected/experienced/qualified and so on as any of the other white people in attendance. But if I turned to whisper something confidentially in the ear of an individual nearby, then everyone is now suddenly very quiet, attentive, trying to listen and hear what I have to say to someone in private! WTH? lol

    This has happened more than a couple of times. They wanted to hear me most when I wasn’t speaking to them directly. And yes, I’ve had your experience (in quotes) as well.

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