February Is Black History Month Rambling

Whose History?

I admit. I have never taken too greatly to BHM. I always feel like during this period, people project too much. They go out of their way to be “nice” and “politically correct.” Also, BHM is usually too Americanized (yes, I know BHM started in America).

I am sitting here wondering why Jamaica, a 96% black country, has Black History Month, and then I realize it’s because it’s Americanized.  BHM in Jamaica is completely unnecessary and it’s all about American blacks, too. They’ve copied that and American materialism, courtesy of its Hip Hop culture, to a fault. It’s not unusual to see Jamaicans wearing heavy winter coats in a country whose average temperature is 25 degrees celsius, or calling themselves by the names of American rappers, or even naming their daughters after  American-based pop stars (Beyonce, Rihanna are very popular).

I guess this February, I’ll do what I have always done. Grind my teeth and listen to well-meaning white people pretentiously inform me of everything they know about black people, and tell me how grateful they are that a black man invented potato chips (yes, I have read this one). And of course, I’ll listen to proud but uninformed black kids speak skewed, non-researched “facts,” such as a black man invented the elevator, air conditioner, etc. Then there’s my favorite over-rehearsed prose, Life Without Black People.

Too cynical?

PS.  Anyway, on the first day of February 2012, Don Cornelius, founder and former host of America’s groundbreaking Soul Train, 1971-2006, is found dead, of apparent suicide. Don Cornelius was an icon, who made Soul Train the most popular TV show, and one of the longest running.


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