PM Stephen Harper in China

Canadian PM Stephen Harper wrapped up his four-day long trip to China. He was in the country, as part of his plan to forge trading ties between Canada and China, the country of the 21st century. Since 90 percent of Canada’s trade is with the US, Harper feels it’s his Monarchist duty to wean Canada off the U.S., a sinking ship and hop for safety on the rescue boat that is China.

Now, I do not have issues with Canada trying to cut down its dependency on the U.S., and quite frankly, it’s welcome. But, I do have a problem with Canada ignoring the ethnical issues associated with doing business with China.

Let’s face it. China is still a socialist-communist country that does not tolerate defiance and subversive measures from its populations, and will stop at no length to imprison and shut down pro-democracy movements.   China does not care for human rights and democracy. Recently, China (and Russia) vetoed a UN resolution calling for  Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to step down.  Bashar al-Assad has killed his own people for about a year now, but  China and Russia refuse to do something about it, because doing so hurts their self-interest. (Russia supplies weapons to the Syrian forces while China trades oil with Syria).

If the 21st century belongs to China, we should worry. It has no respect for human rights and refuses to hear any criticisms thereof. Not surprisingly, PM Harper avoids any mention of human rights until the last day of his trip, and when he mentions it, it comes across as inauthentic and insincere.

I do not think Harper himself cares about human rights. Money, Monarchy and oil are the driving factors in his government.  I know that many westerners think the west wages propaganda against China because it’s threatened by the ‘Asian peril,” but much of the censure levied against China is correct.  Meanwhile, the Syrian people continue to get bombed in their own country, wondering why everyone has abandoned them. Why Syrians? Because everyone is afraid of China, that’s why.


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