Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin, victim of a crime unpunished.

I hate hearing these stories. With the “shooting” death of every young black man, regardless of his innocence, I think about my brothers and my nephew. I think about how western society sees them as worthless.  How it doesn’t matter who they are and what they do. Are they accountants, grooms-to-be or thugs?

Worse than simply getting killed is the fact that there’s almost no justice for them, because the police has the gun and he’s the “law” or the “authority” and all he has to do is claim “self-defense” or “doing his job” and he’s a free man.

The police’s policy with black men is “shoot first and then dismiss questions later.”

Who won’t buy that it’s self-defense?

The black man is a scary animal, regardless of his height, age, weight, temperament or behavior. His scariness or “threatening” demeanor is derived from his  race–not necessarily his actions; so, of course, shooting a black man, however unarmed, is reasonable enough to use the ‘self-defense’  or “I felt threatened’ argument.

When will it stop? Will it ever?

I don’t know about the U.S., but for the first time in Canadian history, a police officer has been sentenced  for shooting to death a black man. Not only was David Cavanagh found guilty, but the charge against him, manslaughter, was raised to second-degree murder, after he shot Eric Osawe, a Nigerian-born man in the back in 2010. He claimed it was “self-defense.” He also claimed, on the day of the verdict, that he expected, and was told, he’d be acquitted.


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One Response to Trayvon Martin

  1. juney says:

    Who cares what color he is. Let a jury decide

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