Micro-Aggressive Racism

If there’s anything the following video demonstrates, it’s the nature of white racism at its worse. In the video, white Conservative Superpack, Fightbigotry (a joke), accuses President Obama and U.S Attorney General Eric Holder of racism against white people. This Ad would be dismissive,  except that it highlights a very alarming  racist tactic used by white people–reverse psychology and Micro-aggression. As much as I want to give viewers, and Americans, the benefit of the doubt that they’re intelligent enough to apply common sense and see it for what it is, an  Ad designed to scare white voters off from Pres. Obama, who already received the lowest support of white voters of any  U.S. presidents, this Ad irritates me.

Micro-aggressive racism is the subtle (or not so subtle) use of racial slurs, epithets, euphemisms, jokes and stereotypes to provoke racial confrontation, either to trivialize racial discrimination and prejudice, or simply to insult a racial,or ethnic group; in this case, blacks. The insult, in the video, as well as from micro-aggression itself, comes from the fact that the perpetrators are a) trying to convince people that what they say is true when the reality is otherwise, and b) they don’t think you know what they’re up to. This form of racism, the new norm, is akin to the phrase, “pissing in my hair and telling me it’s raining.” Watching the video, and listening to white racists, what aggravates me the most is not the message of the video, so much as the tactic, the blatant attack on my intelligence. It’s like white racists using terms like “Monday” and “Canadians” to talk about black people in front of their faces, the belief being, if they refer to black people as “Mondays” or “Canadians” black people will be too stupid to realize they’re talking about them. And that’s where the insult lies; the fact that white racists, including the makers of this video, either don’t care or seem to believe blacks won’t understand what’s going on in the video–that they can’t tell piss from rain–an insult to intelligence.

But, all of this is a part of a larger strategy or stance White Americans in general, and white Conservatives in particular, have taken on Anti-black racism. A) deny it’s real, B) flip the script and insist that if racism is real, only black racism against whites is real–in other words, blacks are the real racists these days. It’s turning the “victim” into the “villain,” so to speak.

Despite the legacy of American and Western racism against blacks, and despite the ongoing plight of black Americans, and despite the insults and racism thrown at Pres. Obama over the last four years, the general public is supposed to believe that Pres. Obama is the real racist, and subsequently, black people are far more racist than white people. Sounds laughable, except that it’s not. It’s insulting essentially because it not only dismisses the black racial experience, but mocks it, too. Anti-black racism is very much real. For white Conservative racists to think they can trivialize racism against black  people in front of their faces while telling blacks “you’re imagining” things, is the worst insult. It’s like getting called a nigger while being told you’re the one being racist when you confront the name-caller. Another way of looking at it? Seeing a man steal $200 in plain view of you. You confront him. He looks you straight in the eyes and tells you he doesn’t know what you’re talking about. You tell him you saw him steal the money. He tells you to stop causing trouble by making up stuff. You have two choices here: you can walk away shaking your head or lose your temper. But, that’s why it’s called micro-aggression. It’s designed to aggravate through subtle and psychological means.

Do white people really think blacks are more racist than they are, or that Pres. Obama’s “giving” their “hard-earned” money to lazy blacks, and has issued more racism against whites than he has taken? It’s irrelevant  what they really think. All that matters is that these “fears” are being used to fuel the attacks against him and black  people. White Conservatives have been pissing in the hair of blacks while telling them it’s raining. They call blacks racist while describing blacks as welfare recipients, thugs, lazy, etc. It’s a mind game, a mind game they’re arrogant enough to think blacks won’t get. It’s a new appeal to the “Southern Strategy” applied by Ronald Reagan, rallying the mass of of whites against their enemy “blacks” and other non-whites.

The Conservatives have accused Pres. Obama of being the great divider. He has turned blacks against whites, they lauded him, but Pres. Obama is guilty of nothing. His Presidency, like the end of slavery and the Civil Rights Movement, brought out racists, whom many Americans thought dead. The so-called backlash against Pres. Obama comes from these racist. Nothing Pres. Obama has done as president or as a man warrants the backlash he’s received. But, this Ad reflects more on the makers than Pres. Obama. It shows the nonsense he’s had to deal with for the past four years.


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One Response to Micro-Aggressive Racism

  1. Y. says:

    This lot are a funny bunch, eh? My question has always been how does one fight/counteract people that employ these tactics? After all, you cannot have a meaningful discussion with a person/people that believe what you are seeing is not only a figment of your imagination but advocate the position that the reverse is actually true! That they are the TRUE suffers of racism and discrimination, based on quotes/sound bites that they have taken out of context. Despite the fact that American, and by extension Western History, 400 years of chattel slavery and the resulting fallout are evidence of black racial discrimination/hatred/animosity these people still fail to see the error in their thinking. If anything, mere mention of these historical events “bolsters” there claims of “reverse”, “anti-white” racism, now they can proclaim that blacks are the racists because they “live in the past” and can’t “get over it”.

    To bad they can’t see that the past most certainly predicts the future.

    What are your thoughts? In my experience, individuals with this thinking usually make themselves quite plain. They will usually try to provoke me/other blacks by randomly making outrageous political/racial statements to rile people up and bait them into a racial debate. For the sake of my sanity I just ignore them, lie and say I don’t have an opinion, or just walk away.

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