The Asian-Looking Lady Debacle

What happens when Canada’s race reality clashes with the images  it wants to show the world, that of a perfectly free, equal and multicultural society? Well, you get scenario like the $100 bill debacle:

The Bank of Canada purged the image of an Asian-looking woman from its new $100 banknotes after focus groups raised questions about her ethnicity. The original image intended for the reverse of the plastic polymer banknotes, which began circulating last November, showed an Asian-looking woman scientist peering into a microscope. The image, alongside a bottle of insulin, was meant to celebrate Canada’s medical innovations. But eight focus groups consulted about the proposed images for the new $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 banknote series were especially critical of the choice of an Asian for the largest denomination.

For those who do not understand Canada, here it is in a nutshell. Canada is anti-American. It defines itself by what it is not–America. This often means Canada sees itself as a peaceful, tolerant, multicultural utopia, free of the nasty history of race, slavery, segregation and hatred common in the United States. The problem with Canada and its image of itself is that  it’s all a lie. Canada is a pretentious country, from  its image of itself to its head of state, the royal family of Britain, the epitome of WASP supremacy and white privilege in general.

Of course many people say BofC is wrong and its removal of “Asian-looking” lady is racist, but like Maclean’s magazine and its Too Asian article on the Asianness of universities, this story reflects the truth of race and racism in Canada versus the carefully crafted, politically correct image it has established for itself. Bottom line:  Asians are only a model minority as long as they remain a minority; once they start to dominate aspects of society,  they become a problem.  Putting a Asian woman on the $100 bill is like Barack Obama becoming president of a predominantly white country; it is a visible sign of the changing demographic of the country–a disturbing display of whiteness/white people taking a backseat. What’s next–replacing the British royal family as the head of state?

Remember folks, it’s not equality if whites aren’t in charge, or if they’re playing second fiddle–after all, that’s what white supremacy is all about- maintaining and making sure it’s understood that whites are dominant in all facets of life.  Lesson learned here? While non-whites will be mixed in for the sake of keeping up appearances of multiculturalism, the reality is that they are expected to stay in the backseat, playing second fiddle to whites.


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One Response to The Asian-Looking Lady Debacle

  1. Wrong says:

    Totally wrong, what happened was Canada being more left then most in the USA bowed out of having a south Asian women shown because of the nonsense hyper awareness of race we deal with here. They figured A, showing an Asian with a microscope would perpetuate the stereotype that Asians are smart and excel at science. B, that the Dollie being brown in colour would give off the stereotype that Asians are brown even though some are. I didn’t see a problem with it, but some racists and some hyper pc
    Folks had to open their mouth and show once again that having anything to do with people of non European will be seen as racist, and no one wants to be seen a such.

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