Great, MR. President. I hope you continue to be a beacon of hope and admiration. Now, do your job getting ppl back to work.


In 2008 I voted for Obama. In 2012 I am voting for Obama to vote against Romney and the Republicans:

  1. Romney is a shameless liar. On top of that he will not make more than two years of his tax returns public. If he wins it will set the bar for president to a new low. As president he would be dangerous: I would not even buy a used car from him – why on earth would I trust the whole country to him?
  2. Romney has no character:
    • He puts his money in banks overseas to avoid paying taxes, making the rest of us pay his fair share.
    • He lived in a mansion in France during the Vietnam War, letting others fight and die for his country.
    • He will say anything to get elected, meaning he stands for nothing and thinks the ends justify the means.
  3. Republicans do not care about…

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