Bangkok KFC Commercial


all blacks need is a little fried chicken

So, the ad makers knew enough about American culture to associate black people with fried chicken, but not enough to know that black people find the fried chicken stereotype offensive?  It bothers me when people who make these offensive videos/commercials/Ads claim “ignorance” of American culture while using American stereotypes to sell products.

The black people like fried chicken stereotype is American in origin, going back to the days of American slavery. If the makers of the commercial know about it (they’re using it in the commercial), they must take responsibility for the backlash. I cannot accept that while they knew of the stereotype enough to use it, they did not know black people found it offensive.

The defenders of these commercials can claim ignorance of American culture, or insist the commercial was not meant to be offensive all they want to, but it will not change the fact. I know the difference between urine and rain.

I am starting to think these advertisers are PURPOSELY using the stereotypes to garner attention (never mind the backlash). It’s using racism to make money and get anything, and if the consequence is accusation of racism, they can deal with that. Let’s offend black people to make money/get attention, go viral, get airplay, etc.


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