5 Movies Hollywood Should Remake With Non-White People

Ursula Andress, c.1965

Ursula Andress, c.1965

1. She, 1965—there have been three known movies based on the popular nineteenth-century novel by British author, Henry Rider Haggard (King Solomon’s Mines). The best-known version starred the first bond girl, Ursula Andress, as the frigid queen of a mythical Egyptian-like African civilization called Kor. Ayesha, known as she who must be obeyed, is fierce and immortal—2000 years old. Ayesha is loosely inspired by the Candaces of Kush and despite being Arab—true daughter of Yarab from Yemen—she is described as pale (white)-skinned. Kor is loosely based on Kush (Nubia), but is founded by whites (their remains line the caves of Kor). Kor has black/brown people, sure; but Ayesha puts it bluntly—the blacks/browns are savages. They toil the land and work as servants—nothing else. Bottomline: this movie needs remaking. I can see it now—Ayesha played by Lupita Nyongo or some other beautiful black actress. PS. The word “Kor” is Kushite for “King” as in King Taharqa. See below.

2. The Gods of Egypt, 2016
Will Smith, one of the biggest movie stars on the planet (according to box office clout), couldn’t get The Last Pharaoh—about King Taharqa–made. Halle Berry (after becoming the first black woman to win an Oscar) couldn’t get a movie about Nefertiti made, either. Meanwhile Hollywood approved a movie about Ancient Egypt, starring Anglo-Scandinavian white actors. The movie stars Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones) and Scottish actor Gerard Butler (300). Neither of these actors has the movie star status or box office numbers of Will Smith. On top of it, Hollywood plans to release another Cleopatra movie starring Angelina Jolie (directed by Ang Lee) in the next few years. This will be the ninth screen adaptation of the life of the Greco-Egyptian queen (including small screen portrayals). When I say The Gods of Egypt needs remaking, what I really mean is that they should make The Last Pharaoh and Nefertiti. The Gods of Egypt reportedly cost $150 million to make and will not make its money back.

3. The Good Earth, 1937
Asian people get the short end of the stick in Hollywood (21, The Last Airbender, and potentially, Akira). Pearl S. Buck wrote and published The Good Earth in 1931. In 1937, Hollywood turned it into a movie starring white actors—no kidding. The Asians played background actors. The studio rejected Anna Mae Wong—the best-known Chinese-American actor of the day, because she wasn’t “pretty.” Maybe the Chinese can turn this into a movie and sell it back to America, ala Genghis Khan. See below

4. Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan starring John Wayne. Yes, it really happened. In 1956, white-American actor John Wayne, in full-on yellow-face, starred as the Mongol warlord (The Conqueror), whose exploits include putting his DNA in a sizeable chunk of the world’s population, and conquering a sizeable chunk of Eastern Europe. For those who say, well, that was the 1950s and it was racist back then. Beware that up until 2012, Mickey Rourke (Iron Man 2)—a ratchet-faced white actor was the frontrunner to play Khan. The project fell dead—thank goodness. If you want to see a really good Genghis Khan movie, then watch Mongol, 2007.

5. Biblical Movies

Every single movie ever made about the Bible—all movies about Jesus (Son of God (2014), King of Kings, 1965), Exodus: gods and kings (2014), Noah (2014), The Ten Commandments. Matter of fact, Hollywood should stop making these movies, period. For some reason, the irony of hiring British people to play “disputably” enslaved, oppressed people (Hebrews) is lost on the Hollywood elites.


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One Response to 5 Movies Hollywood Should Remake With Non-White People

  1. Dre says:

    This was one of the most accurate depictions of how those movies should be made. Egyptian movies should be made by the people they were really about. Hallie Berry is the perfect Nefertiti. And the new movie The God’s of Egypt will be a complete failure. Sorry but it will not receive any support from the minority community.

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