#All Lives Matter–please read the fine print

Why is it so hard for white people to get that when black people say ‘black lives matter’ it means “we, black people, don’t feel our lives are as valued as the lives of white people”?

Numerous studies and daily police shootings, disrespect and brutality towards black bodies confirm that blacks are treated worse than whites. One study shows doctors were less likely to offer pain-relieving medication to blacks than whites--believing that blacks don’t feel pain as much as whites, and doctors show more empathy toward white patients than black ones.

Furthermore, if Alton and Philando were white, they’d be alive. Studies also show police are quicker to shoot black suspects than white ones. Blacks are more likely to be stopped, pulled over, charged and imprisoned than whites who commit the same crimes. Black Lives Matter means blacks don’t feel their lives are valued the same way white lives are.

Saying“All Lives Matter” shows DENIAL of the unequal treatment of blacks, AND other racial minorities like First Nations/Native Americans. Saying “All Lives Matter” is pretending that everyone is EQUAL. Equality exists on paper, but real life treatments of nonwhite groups such as blacks, Indigenous, and non-white Hispanics say otherwise.

Do not condescend to black people by denying the existence of racial disparities and inequality. In an ideal society, all lives do matter, but in THIS REALITY, black lives DO NOT carry the same value as white lives.


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