Re-Birth of A Nation, 2016


USA, 2016

White women voted for Donald J. Trump at a rate of 53%. Trump already stated he and his VP Mike Pence are planning to wage a war on Roe v. Wade, and turn the clock back on women’s reproductive rights. They also plan to turn the clock back on racial progress.

Once again, as African Americans have stated, white Americans show their true colors. When Barack Obama was elected, many thought racism was over in America. But, Obama’s presidency brought the dormant racists out of of the woodwork, beginning with the increase in white nationalists organizations, increase in gun sales, the Tea Party, and subsequent Birther Movement, of which Trump takes credit.

Obama’s presidency was the THIRD of three big strikes against white America (the first was the slavery abolishment, the second was the Civil Rights Act). His presidency was a visible showcase that white supremacy was coming to an end, and whites in America responded with what Van Jones called a ‘whitelash.’

White America voted in a candidate that represented white male privilege at its finest; a candidate who is a know-nothing reality show clown, but who promised to return America to ‘white-as-default’ by putting minorities and women back into their place.

This election of Donald J. Trump is confirmation that African Americans are right. White Americans do not want equality, because when they understand that equality means that nonwhites can also become president, and will want to sit in the driver’s seat, then it’s too much.They are fine with nonwhites as long they ‘know their place.’

Trump has threatened to wage a war against blacks (law & order candidate), turn back women’s reproductive rights, which allowed many women to venture out into the workplace, after no longer being tied down by pregnancy and children. He has threatened to block/deport and ban undesirable immigrants (Muslims, Mexicans). These are the reasons they voted for hiM, so he can revert America to 1950s-1960s level of white male supremacy and privilege.

Trump and the GOP, which now control both the Senate and the Congress, and maybe also the Supreme Court, are literally threatening to wipe out the legacy of America’s first black president. They have already said their first priority is to override  the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare).

The pros of his election is this. Now the world sees once and for all that America IS a racist country. It has sealed its fate. Sure, the racists might still be fighting a losing battle against the inevitable. Nonetheless, I hope this will at last spell the end of the American Empire, and I hope Trump buries it into the ground with cherry on top, and it will be a deserving and sweet victory.


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