Jamaica’s Bleaching Problem

White supremacy is rearing its ugly head in this jewel of the Caribbean, where, despite emancipation, slavery of the more complex kind still exists.It’s white supremacy at its finest–the passed down racial hierarchy of white is right expressing itself through the nonsensical, dangerous and unattractive policy of skin-bleaching.

But who’s to blame? Sources in the video points to Vybz Kartel, a shady Dancehall artist who popularized bleaching, and who now looks like a zoned-out zombie. Others point to Michael Jackson–whose vitiligo defense is weak, and yet it all ties to white supremacy–the aspiration to whiteness, and all it entails–wealth and respect.

Everyone associates white people with success, wealth and beauty–the world does. And this is not simply a passing observation, because whites have 60% of the world’s wealth, and control the media, which depicts them as beautiful.And there are real consequences for not having white-skinned. Dark-skinned people, like poor people, are punished for their complexion–berated with all sorts of names, denied basic employment, and respect.

We’re playing in a white man’s world, and those who succeed in it are those he wants to succeed in it. White narcissists select and bestow with wealth, those who share their features. If you want fame, success and wealth, you must get close to whites–not simply physically close, but aesthetically close. The so-called blacks in the media are biracial, mixed race, mulatto types, and what message does this send to the black masses.

Rihanna was plucked from obscurity and turned into an international star, and ever since, the Caribbean has been trying to push the next Rihanna–white skinned girls who are nowhere near the aesthetic norm in their countries; no one plucks a dark-skinned girl out of obscurity and make her into an international superstar.

So, what happens when an entire populace starts bleaching its skin with damaging chemicals in an effort to find success and respect? See the short docu-series for yourself. I can’t upload because “upload” is now a paid subscription feature.

Jamaica’s Bleaching Problem


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