Brazilian sends letter of support to Nazi party in Germany; receives response “We don’t accept Latinos”

This is what happens when you were raised in a white supremacist utopia built on racial inequality.You become confused about who and what you are, and need a reminder/a wake up call from reality.

Black Women of Brazil

Nazis - Nazismo - piscina - pool

Note from BW of Brazil: This story is interesting on so many levels! And it says so much about racial identity in Brazil. As you know, historically, Brazil has always defined itself as a country where racial problems don’t exist, the land of “racial democracy”. Of course we all know this is a widespread fabrication that attempts daily occurrences of racism, racial discrimination and racial insults, but there’s still more to this to consider. First, the report

Brazilian resident of Santa Catarina sent a letter of support to German Nazi and obtained an unpleasant response

The police are investigating the case of a Nazi pool in Santa Catarina and found letters of support sent to the Nazi organization in Germany. The famous owner of the letter is a history teacher. And the response? This must have stung.

“We don’t accept Latinos, you are all birds of a feather…a…

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