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Black People In India


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On Having A Scottish Last Name

I recently started genealogy research into my Jamaican roots. My last name, like those of many other Jamaicans, is Scottish. I knew it was beforehand but I didn’t care, not until my father accused me of not caring for my … Continue reading

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The Niqab In A Liberal Society

This post is late. It was due in October 2015, during the Canadian federal elections. The now-defeated Conservative government, led by then Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, sought a judicial decree to get the niqab banned from all citizenship ceremonies.  The … Continue reading

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Neymar Jr, Brazilian Racism and The World Cup of Football (soccer)

I grew up with the Brazilian dream team of Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho (2002 world cup champions). Imagine my shock when Ronaldo called himself “white,” Ronaldinho declared Moreno, and Roberto Carlos white. Then there is the curious case of Neymar da … Continue reading

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Bangkok KFC Commercial

So, the ad makers knew enough about American culture to associate black people with fried chicken, but not enough to know that black people find the fried chicken stereotype offensive?  It bothers me when people who make these offensive videos/commercials/Ads … Continue reading

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Racist White Humor???

As Reported By Times Live: Police questioned the man from Knysna in 2007 when the picture first surfaced. Hawks spokesman Colonel McIntosh Polela said yesterday that Western Cape police contacted him yesterday morning after reading a Sunday Times report which … Continue reading

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Angolan Puppet Dancer

This puppet is a better mover than me. Lol! I guess this sort of entertainment is quite popular in Angola…?  Here’s a puppeteer with a creepy puppet that really knows how to use its hips. Come have an affair:

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