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Why Don’t Black People Defend Other POC Groups?

Disclaimer: this is not an academic article, but rather, a general observation based on conversations and discussions. This topic has come up plenty of times in discussions, both in person, and on the web. Why don’t black people defend other … Continue reading

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The End of Hope

2016 was a bad year, for many reasons. Most of us are happy it’s coming to an end, and while the new year signals a fresh start, I can’t help feel dread.  Aleppo is still a big failure on the conscience … Continue reading

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Jamaica’s Bleaching Problem

White supremacy is rearing its ugly head in this jewel of the Caribbean, where, despite emancipation, slavery of the more complex kind still exists.It’s white supremacy at its finest–the passed down racial hierarchy of white is right expressing itself through … Continue reading

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Re-Birth of A Nation, 2016

White women voted for Donald J. Trump at a rate of 53%. Trump already stated he and his VP Mike Pence are planning to wage a war on Roe v. Wade, and turn the clock back on women’s reproductive rights. … Continue reading

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The Internet Is A Scary Place for Black women: the Leslie Jones debacle

By now, many have heard of the situation surrounding SNL cast-member, comedienne, Leslie Jones. Jones’s troubles started with the July 2016 release of the all-female remake of Ghostbusters. Though she’s not the first female to be hacked, or have nude photos leaked, … Continue reading

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#All Lives Matter–please read the fine print

Why is it so hard for white people to get that when black people say ‘black lives matter’ it means “we, black people, don’t feel our lives are as valued as the lives of white people”? Numerous studies and daily … Continue reading

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Black People In India

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