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The Niqab In A Liberal Society

This post is late. It was due in October 2015, during the Canadian federal elections. The now-defeated Conservative government, led by then Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, sought a judicial decree to get the niqab banned from all citizenship ceremonies.  The … Continue reading

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The Asian-Looking Lady Debacle

What happens when Canada’s race reality clashes with the images  it wants to show the world, that of a perfectly free, equal and multicultural society? Well, you get scenario like the $100 bill debacle: The Bank of Canada purged the … Continue reading

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Trayvon Martin

Victim of a crime

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PM Stephen Harper in China

Canadian PM Stephen Harper wrapped up his four-day long trip to China. He was in the country, as part of his plan to forge trading ties between Canada and China, the country of the 21st century. Since 90 percent of Canada’s … Continue reading

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Nunavut: the Human Tragedy

Nunavut is a territory in Canada (Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territorities). Nunavut is the largest sub-country and most northern part of Canada, stretching all the way to the arctic. The territory was officially established on April 1, 1999. … Continue reading

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Who’s a Visible Minority?

In the last few years, Canada has been under fire from the United Nations (UN), for using the term “Visible Minority” to identify Canadians of non-White-European ancestry.  I cringe at both terms “visible” and “minority,” and together they get a … Continue reading

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Stephen Harper Decides to Return the "Royal" Emblems

Stephen: I’ll make sure you stay in Canada forever Stephen Harper, Canada’s proudly Monarchist Prime Minister is intent on restoring the Monarchy to prominence in Canada, and he’ll do it at the expense of Canadian taxpayers, and everything uniquely Canadian. … Continue reading

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